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About Us

New Age Fastening Systems, Inc. is a private owned corporation that has been in the Stud Welding industry for over 18 years.
The company was founded in 1996 by its current owner Mr. Craig M. Van Hoorn who both have had a strong determination to succeed through building a strong loyal network and never settling for second best. This same philosophy can be seen through their employees who are the lifeblood of the organization. The company quickly gained a reputation for its high production rates and quality, as it relates to the installation of pin studs in cyclone boiler systems. In addition they are recognized for innovative designs, timely service, and unparalleled customer service. The company has grown and has been enriched with a highly qualified staff and crew. This division is signatory with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers union and presently maintains over 115 automatic Stud Welding systems in their rental fleet, which enables them to respond to any job that may arise.
During 2003, New Age started to develop their Thermal Spray division, which was an immediate compliment to their existing Boiler and Industrial Wear divisions. This process has led to the development of various coating systems such as SAFE Coat®, which is a non-slip coating, WearX®, which is a wear material that is used in severe erosion and abrasion applications, as well as PolyX®, which is a polyolifin material that is applied in place of conventional epoxy paints. Due to its repairable nature, PolyX® has extended the coating life of applications that previously would require annual maintenance.
In 2013 New Age expanded their Thermal Spray division to include a Powder Coating and In-House Sandblasting service, as well as Misc. Metal Fabrication which has proven to be a perfect compliment. Not only can we restore any unsightly metal object, but in most cases we can surpass its original finish with our customized colors and textures. As far as our metal fabrication, we have prided ourselves in creating newer and better sustaining designs, which have set our service apart from the competition. Our overall philosophy by no means would be considered “me too”, but rather cutting edge. Industries served through these efforts have been: Chemical, Refining, Universities, Automotive, Residential and Commercial Construction, Municipalities, Cross-Fit, and Material Handling to mention a few. Most work is fabricated in house & installed in the field by our expert service team.
Shielded Arc Welding
Our specialties cross over several industries and we have built a solid foundation of regular customers and continue to grow, adapt and change as necessary. Our four supply facilities (New Jersey, North Dakota, Indiana and California) allow us to respond quickly to customer needs nationwide.
Our company’s foundation is built upon a daily commitment to customer service.
To earn new business and retain existing customers by providing the most superior services.
To continue to show our commitment by serving our customers with the most talented service personnel.
To expand and diversify into new markets requiring our services.
To strengthen and grow our vast network of suppliers.
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The VALUES by which we operate are through:
Customer Driven Excellence
Continuous Improvement
Relationship Building
The company GOALS are:
Recognition as the Best in the Industry
Maximize Customer Satisfaction
Utilize Latest Technologies
Reduce Operating Expenses
Provide the Most Secure Workplace for Employees
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we are only a phone call  away

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